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Poster Abstracts

Poster Title: Bio-hydrogen Production from Cellulose Fermentation Effluent using Microbial Electrolysis Cells

Authors: Elodie Lalaurette, Geoffrey Rader, Bruce E. Logan

Poster Abstract: Hydrogen production using fermentation leaves behind many soluble substrates like acetate. In this project, we use Microbial Electrolysis Cells to produce hydrogen from cellulose fermentation end products. We have successfully produced hydrogen using a synthetic solution of cellulose fermentation end products with first a unacclimated inoculum then a pre-acclimated inoculum taken from cultures acclimated to each single substrate present in the fermentation effluent which increased hydrogen yield from 799.9 ± 292.9 to 975.1 ± 114.8 mL H2/g COD. We also tested real cellobiose and corn stover eflluents and obtained 1030.4 ± 301.5 and 749.4 ± 175.7 mL H2/g COD respectively.