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Poster Abstracts

Poster Title: Evaluation of Fodder Beets as a Potential Ethanol Feedstock in Pennsylvania

Authors: C.D. Houser, G. W. Roth, D. E. Buffington (Penn State University)

Poster Abstract: Fodder beets, a close relative to sugar beets, were evaluated at four locations during two years in Pennsylvania to assess their potential as a crop grown for ethanol production.  Two varities, Kyros and Nestor were planted at each location and harvested in October.  Yields ranged up to over 40 tons/acre in the best environment, indicating that fodder beets could be a high yielding feedstock in Pennsylvania.  Management issues identified during the study included emergence, weed control and disease control.  Given careful management each of these factors, however, they can be addressed to produce high yields of these fooder beet crops.