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Poster Abstracts

Poster Title: Hydrocarbon Fuel Production From Algae

Authors: Waqas Khatri, Tom Neihaus, Joe Chappell, Wayne Curtis

Poster Abstract: Algae cultures of Botryococcus braunii, race B have been grown in continuous cultures for ~3 months.  Production of isoprene hydrocarbons has reached over 5 g/L with the production rates of biomass of 0.084 g DW/L/photo-hr and hydrocarbons of 0.015 g / L/photo-hr.  After several months of operation based on mass balance of nitrogen, cultures 'crashed' with a washout comparable to a sudden death - possibly due to nutrient imbalance and indicative of the narrow stable operating range at ultra-high density.  Turbulent thin film culture has been translated to a pilot scale reactor where productivities were maintained (or higher) at a dilution rate of 7.5% per day.