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Poster Abstracts

Poster Title: Tractors without Tankers: Converting the Penn State Fleet to Biodiesel

Authors: Glen Cauffman, Penn State Manager of Farms and Facilities  and Paul Trella,  Director Product Marketing, New Holland Agriculture

Poster Abstract: A collaborative biofuel demonstration project involving Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences and machinery manufacturer Case New Holland is attracting worldwide attention and appears to have ramifications for the makers and users of all types of diesel-powered equipment.

Using straight biofuel to power the tractors is the culmination of a process the College of Agricultural Sciences began about five years ago, when Penn State began an aggressive program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on imported oil.

The goal is to learn what owners of diesels can expect when they choose to be independent of petroleum (without imported oil tankers). Penn State Cooperative Extension will disseminate information generated from the demonstration project.