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Poster Abstracts

Poster Title: β-glucosidase genes involved in lignification in trees

Authors: Anushree Sengupta, Song Liu, John E. Carlson

Poster Abstract: Coniferin beta-glucosidase (CG) is involved in the extracellular steps of the lignin biosynthetic pathway. CG releases the lignin precursor, coniferyl alcohol, from its glucoside form, coniferin, prior to polymerization in the cell wall.  Our hypothesis is that coniferin serves as an intracellular transport form of coniferyl alcohol from the cytosol to the cell wall.  Thus, release of its aglycone in the cell wall is likely be an essential step in lignin biosynthesis in vivo.  We previously published the cDNA sequence and enzymology of CG from lodgepole pine Dharmawardhana et al. (1995).  We now present the complete chromosomal copies of CBG genes identified in lodgepole and loblolly pines. Two copies of the gene were found in lodgepole pine, and four forms of the gene in loblolly pine.  Our analysis suggests that DNA polymorphisms are also present among CG genes from different trees.