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(Energy Bridge Inaugural Meeting; July 15-16, 2009)

Pleanary Session

Overcoming Critical Issues to Create a Sustainable Bioindustry Bob Wallace (Penn State) pdf

Breakout Session 1A: Sustainable Feedstock Assessment

Agricutural Feedstock Production Greg W. Roth (Penn State) pdf
Sustainable Feedstock Assessment Chuck Ray (Penn State) pdf
Marginal land utilization including abandoned mine lands and brownfield lands Heather Karsten (Penn State) pdf
Engineering trees for short-rotation biomass production John Carlson (Penn State) pdf

Breakout Session 1B: Biomass Conversion

Biomass conversion to heat & power Bruce Miller (Penn State) pdf
Fuels and engine testing and optimization Steve Kirby (Penn State) pdf
Technoeconomic analysis Andy McAloon (USDA) pdf
Process modeling, uncertainty and risk Bob Wallace (Penn State) pdf

Breakout Session 2A: From the Field to Facility

Biomass storage Tom Richard (Penn State) pdf
Herbaceous Biomass delivery logistics Christopher Wright (Idaho National Laboratory) pdf
Woody Biomass delivery logistics Terry Harrison (Penn State) pdf
Supply chain management Evelyn Thomchick (Penn State) pdf

Breakout Session 2B: Sustainability and Systems Assessment

Life cycle assessment Sabrina Spatari (Drexel University) pdf
Social issues and community involvement Al Luloff (Penn State) pdf
Policy, investment and whole systems modeling Bob Wallace (Penn State) pdf

wrap up discussion

Next Steps Bob Wallace (Penn State) pdf