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(Energy Bridge Inaugural Meeting; July 15-16, 2009)

Poster Title Authors View abstract Poster
Center for LignoCellulose Structure and Formation (DOE EFRC) Daniel Cosgrove (Director), Jeffrey Catchmark (Associate Director) Abstract pdf
Estimation of Available Land for Bio-Energy Crops in Northeast U.S. Barry M. Evans (Penn State) Abstract pdf
An overview of the woody biomass utilization landscape in the northeastern U.S. Charles D. Ray, Janice K. Wiedenbeck, Li Ma, Wenping Shi (Penn State) Abstract pdf
The Penn State Energy Crops Field Display 2009 Daniel Ciolkosz, Glen Cauffman, Don Rill (Penn State) Abstract pdf
Plant species composition and biofuel yields of conservation grasslands Paul Adler, Matt Sanderson, Paul Weimer, and Ken Vogel (USDA-ARS) Abstract pdf
Seasonal time and frequency of switchgrass harvest affects biomass yield and feedstock quality Paul Adler, Matt Sanderson, Hossien El-Nashaar, Steve Griffith, and Gary Banowetz (USDA-ARS) Abstract pdf
Sustainability of Corn Stover Removal for Biofuel Production C.D. Houser, G.W. Roth, P.R. Adler and T.L Richard Abstract pdf
Modeling Sustainable Strategies for Farm Scale Biomass Production Gustavo Camargo and Tom Richard (Penn State) Abstract pdf
Cellulosic Ethanol Yield from Ensiled Corn Plant Residues Tamara Smith, Megan Marshall, Tom L. Richard Abstract pdf
Evaluation of Fodder Beets as a Potential Ethanol Feedstock in Pennsylvania C.D. Houser, G. W. Roth, D. E. Buffington (Penn State) Abstract pdf
Comparison of DAYCENT-simulated and measured nitrous oxide emissions from bioenergy cropping systems Paul Adler, Curt Dell, Tamie Veith, Steve Del Grosso (USDA-ARS); Bill Parton (NREL) Abstract pdf
Sustainable Biomass Production on Reclaimed Mined Lands Richard Stehouwer, Marvin Hall, Paul Adler (Penn State) Abstract pdf
Potential of winter and spring canola for biodiesel production in Pennsylvania G.W. Roth, M. C. Frier, M. E. Antle, N. Don Rill (Penn State) Abstract pdf
A novel approach to facilitate accessibility of cellulose and hemicellulose by introducing a tyrosine rich peptide gene in poplar cell wall Fang Cong, Haiying Liang, Nicole Brown, John Carlson, and Ming Tien (Penn State) Abstract pdf
β-glucosidase genes involved in lignification in trees Anushree Sengupta, Song Liu, John E. Carlson Abstract pdf
The Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase gene family regulates lignin content in Populus Abdelali Barakat, Agnieszka Bagniewska-Zadworna, Alex Choi, and John E. Carlson Abstract pdf
Below ground regulation of stress response genes in hybrid poplar Joshua R. Herr, Christopher J. Frost, Teodora Orendovici-Best and John E. Carlson Abstract pdf
National Needs for Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Forest Resources Mohamed Naseer Ali Mohamed, Heath Watts, James D. Kubicki,  J. Catchmark, N. Brown, M. Tien, D. Archibald Abstract pdf
Modeling and Optimization of Biomass Handling Systems Doug Brownell and Jude Liu Abstract pdf
Analysis of Biomass Handling Systems Doug Brownell and Jude Liu Abstract pdf
Ensiled Storage for Biological Pretreatment Megan Marshall, Irene Darku, Tom Richard (Penn State);
Allison Ray, Lynn Wendt , Richard Hess (Idaho National Lab)
Abstract pdf
Briquettes, Cubes, or Pellets:  GHG Tradeoffs in Bioenergy Tom Wilson, Paul Adler, Sabrina Spatari Abstract pdf
Ethanol Fuel Supply Chain: A Logistics Overview Evelyn Thomchick, Kusumal Ruamsook, Chris Liller and Susan Purdum Abstract pdf
Enhanced ethanol production from carob extract by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Irfan Turhan, Katharine Bialka, Ali Demirci, and Mustafa Karhan (Penn State) Abstract pdf
Scaling up your Biofuels Process: Penn State's Shared Fermentation Facility Mark Signs, Ali Demirci Abstract pdf
Bio-hydrogen Production from Cellulose Fermentation Effluent using Microbial Electrolysis Cells Elodie Lalaurette, Geoffrey Rader, Bruce E. Logan Abstract pdf
Hydrocarbon Fuel Production From Algae Waqas Khatri, Tom Neihaus, Joe Chappell, Wayne Curtis Abstract pdf
Power production from Microbial Fuel Cells inoculated with Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 or domestic wastewater Valerie Watson and Bruce Logan Abstract pdf
Effect of configuration and solution conditions on power generation of air cathode microbial fuel cells (MFCs) Shaoan Cheng, Defeng Xing, Bruce E. Logan Abstract pdf
Conversion of lignin biomass into value-added fuels and chemicals Meredith Bembenic, Dongxiang Wang, Nicole Robitaille Brown, Caroline Burgess Clifford Abstract pdf
One Step Catalytic Transformation of Carbohydrates to 2,5-Dimethyltetrahydrofuran for Liquid Fuel Weiran Yang and Ayusman Sen Abstract pdf
Biodiesel Emissions and Emission Control Research Andrè Boehman   Abstract pdf
Autoignition of Fatty Acid Esters in a Motored Engine Yu Zhang and Andrè Boehman   Abstract pdf
Impact of Biodiesel Fuel on Exhaust Emissions and Combustion Behavior in a Compression Ignition Engine, with a Focus on the Nanostrutrue and Reactivity of Diesel Soot Kuen Yehliu and Andrè Boehman  Abstract pdf
Biomass Gasification as a Means of Waste Disposal and Energy Production in the Beef Industry Elizabeth Feforowicz and Sharon Falcone Miller Abstract pdf
Biomass Gasification Research -- Wood Gasification Sharon Falcone Miller and Bruce Miller Abstract pdf
Fuel Flexible Boilers Bruce Miller and Sharon Falcone Miller Abstract pdf
Biofuels Emissions Testing at the Energy Institute Bruce Miller and Sharon Falcone Miller Abstract pdf
Tractors without Tankers: Converting the Penn State Fleet to Biodiesel Glen Cauffman (Penn State)
Paul Trella (New Holland Agriculture)
Abstract pdf
The Penn State Biomass Energy Short Course Series Daniel Ciolkosz, Tom Richard, Greg Roth (Penn State) Abstract pdf
The State College School District's Biodiesel Project - "An Approach to Sustainable Energy - Fuel & Feed" Paul Heasley Abstract pdf
Evaluating Cropping Systems for Feed, Heat, and Biofuel Production Gustavo Camargo and Tom Richard, Penn State University Abstract pdf
Using Computations to Reconstruct, Analyze and Redesign Metabolism Patrick F. Suthers, Alireza Zomorrodi, Sridhar Ranganathan, Vinay Satish Kumar and Costas D. Maranas Abstract pdf
Improving Xylitol Production and Cofactor Usage in E. coli Growing on Glucose or Xylose Patrick C. Cirino, Jonathan W. Chin, Reza Khankal, Olubolaji Akinterinwa, Costas D. Maranas Abstract pdf