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about the bioenergy bridge

The BioEnergy Bridge at Penn State is a university/private/public consortia aimed at solving the critical issues related to creating a sustainable bioindustry for the production of fuels, power and high value biobased products.  The BioEnergy Bridge is an innovation hub, providing industry and entrepreneurial businesses with the support they need to scale up for a regional and national bioeconomy. Using a ‘Fields-to-Wheels’ approach, the BioEnergy Bridge aims to solve the near term industry deployment challenges through,  as well as provide a bridge to the future, to ensure the long- term sustainability of the industry.

Penn State has a wide range of technical capabilities that span the entire biomass supply chain to answer the R&D&D issues related to biomass to fuels, power and products commercialization.  Additionally, Penn State has diverse facilities that can act as a testbed for industrial projects from the bench scale through piloting. 

Although there are significant technical barriers toward the commercialization of biomass based fuels and power that the university will help our partners address, the BioEnergy Bridge focuses on answering the non-IP related technical and social issues related to bioindustry development.  The BioEnergy Bridge addresses issues related to life cycle assessment (LCA), technoeconomic analysis, jobs and economic development, public policy, as well as social and community based issues that often hinder industry development.  The BioEnergy Bridge employs a whole-systems modeling approach to bioindustry development.          

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